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Temp / Contract Manufacturing & Light Industrial Job # 41128

Location: Florence, KY
Salary: $13.00 / Hour
Work Experience: General Labor

Job Description:
Retread Technician Job Posting

Pay Rate: $13.00/HR

Retread America is now hiring for an early first shift position to operate various machinery in plant located in Florence, KY.

What is a retread?
Retreading starts with a safety inspection of the tire. The old tread is then buffed away, and a new rubber tread is applied to the bare "casing" using specialized machinery.
Inspection: Review tire to determine repairs needed per specifications. The worn casing, cuts, punctures and overall damage are assessed before the tire is processed for retreading. Each tire has specific limits for repairs.
Repair: Nail holes, crown damage, and side wall can be repaired routinely.
Buffing: Buffing removes the unwanted or worn tread.
Curing: New tread compounds are applied around the buffed tire and cured. This step is vital, errors may cause serious issues with the new tire.
Final Inspection: The retreaded tire is tested and inspected.
Retreads are significantly less expensive than new tires. As a result, they are widely used in large-scale operations such as trucking, bussing and commercial aviation. They are also the most environmentally friendly way of recycling used tires - in some applications, a tire can be retreaded up to 10 times. The process of "retreading" requires, after the buffing off of the old tread, there to be coating with another compound like rubber to allow the new tread to adhere to the used tire casing.
This position requires a high level of Quality Control for each stage of the retread process. The retread process is conducted through a multiple station process, where cross training will be provided for each station. Review and determine casing viability based on customer requirements. Each station requires maintenance, must understand what issues can be caused to the tire due to under-inflation and other issues.
• Environment is very hot during summer months and cold during winter months.
• Exposure to various chemicals used in cleaning, lubrication, etc.
• Frequent bending, twisting and lifting over 50 pounds on a regular basis. 100+ pounds of pressure when pushing tires.
• Repetitive and sustained exertions, forceful exertions, awkward postures, mechanical stress concentrations, vibrations.
• This position is responsible for safely and efficiently performing tasks as assigned.
• Knowledge and understanding of Commercial Tires is preferred
• Must be able to pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen as well as a criminal background check.
• High school diploma or GED
• Monday – Friday
• Start times between 5:00- 8:30am, 8 hour shift

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